To Whom It May Concern,

   This letter is an official invitation for you to join Northwest Indiana Corvette Club (a 501c3 non-profit organization) as we strive to help uplift the community around us. As we all agree, today's youth represent the very foundation and leaders of tomorrow. Northwest Indiana Corvette Club (N.W.I.C.C.) seeks organizations that will support ongoing "public and private" sector partnerships, that enable us to provide college scholarships for local area high school graduates. Additionally, we use these partnerships to provide foodbaskets to needy families. N.W.I. Corvette Club, is staunchly committed to do whatever it takes to provide a better future for the youth.

   Our organization, sponsored by Blaskovich Chevrolet of East Chicago, Indiana, and SAM's Club of Hobart, Indiana, was founded on July 25, 1991. N.W.I.C.C. currently with 40 members has grown steadily, through dominating attitudes that display pride, dedication, and persistence. N.W.I.C.C. considers itself unique in our goal / objective of existing as an "anti-drug, non-profit, community activists organization". While adhering to these goals and objectives, we maintain a balance between giving back to the community, and simultaneously sharing the pleasures of owning a Corvette.

   Briefly, on the community side, some of our accomplishments to date are as follows: acquisition of 501c3 non-profit status, provision of twelve $500 college scholarships, conducting food basket distributions to needy families, donations to Sickle Cell Foundation and American Heart Association, sponsoring area little league and basketball teams, sponsoring trips to museums and stage plays that deliver messages on coping with peer pressure, and conducting tours to local schools to promote education. The inclusion of member's Corvettes during our numerous school tours, serves as a convenient point of attention among the youngsters and adults alike. Also, the presentations have provided us with a more personal and direct relationship with the local school community. Many of the above mentioned achievements were made possible through fundraisers such as raffles, car shows and dances in which loyal patrons supported our efforts.

   On the Corvette side, some accomplishments are: host of Corvette Shows at the Village Shopping center of Gary, Indiana, and SAM's Club of Hobart, Indiana. We have conducted numerous Corvette caravans to cities around the country, ranging from Charlotte N.C., Pittsburgh, Penn., Bowling Green, Kentucky, to Milwaukee, Wis. Additionally, we have participated in Corvette shows in a number of cities within this national perimeter. This afforded us with further opportunities to network with others about Corvette maintenance, as well as community involvement.

   In closing, these accomplishments and many more, will continuously be made available through the support of individuals such as yourself. Please become a greater cornerstone of our community, and help us contribute towards the success of our community and youth, while celebrating America’s #1 sports car! If you require further information please send inquiries to Northwest Indiana Corvette Club, P.O. Box 12155, Merrillville, Indiana 46411. We will look forward to hearing from you soon, and on behalf of N.W.I.C.C., thanks for your support!

                                                                                                                           Yours truly,

                                                                                                                           N.W.I. Corvette Club President

N.W.I. CORVETTE CLUB Public / Private Partner Benefits

PREPARED BY: Kevin Hubbard

CURRENT PROPOSAL: Establishment of Sponsorship

Purpose: Exploit the benefits of private/public sector partnerships in the surrounding and neighboring communities.

  1. Organization History:
  2. -Established July 25, 1991 as 501c3 Non-Profit, Community Activist club

  3. Major Community Accomplishments:

- 12 College Scholarships awarded to date via College Scholarship Fund

          -Thanksgiving: Food basket distributions to needy families

          -Christmas: Food basket distributions from fundraisers (i.e. club raffles)

          -Donations to Sickle Cell Foundation

          -Field trips to Du Sable Museum / stage plays

          -Field trip to Alvin Ailey Dance ensemble

          -Parade participation (i.e. Back-to-School, Memorial Day, July 4th)

          -Donations to American Heart Association

          -Sponsors of local Little League teams, and Basketball teams

          -Elementary/ Jr. High School tours, for purposes of speaking on importance of education and ills of substance abuse.

3. Corvette Shows:

          -Host Village Shopping Center Corvette Show

          -Host SAM's Club Corvette Show

4. Sponsor Benefits:

          -Giving back to the community from which it benefits

          -Profits (i.e. tax write offs, potential increased sales revenue,….) etc….

          -Marketing through the club (i.e. dealer name on jackets, show banners, on raffle tickets….)

          -Club (consumer loyalty) patronage (i.e. personal / family purchases, auto maintenance, recommendations….)

5. Club Benefits:

          -Reliable sponsor for NWICC Fundraisers

          -Additional legitimacy to NORTHWEST INDIANA CORVETTE CLUB